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Reflections (2020)

In my work, the act of looking, reflecting, and curating my own vision of the world is important. I began exploring these themes through a series of self-portraits using mirrors called “Reflections.”


The series, both literally and figuratively, reflects on my state of mind during a very painful transitionary phase in my life. In creating each piece, I spent a lot of time taking self-timed photos of myself interacting with the mirror. Sometimes these interactions were confrontational, angry, and even violent; other-times, they were quiet, contemplative, and filled with longing or sadness.

Each image was then translated onto paper through quick black and white gouache studies that often abandoned proper proportions and scale. In some cases, the mirror disappeared entirely and the space became a psychological one, juxtaposing figures experiencing internal emotional conflict. This created a psychological mirroring effect.

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